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On-Air talent 3p-8p on KEZ 99.9

Patient of Catalyst Pain Solutions

Listen to what Paul has to say about how Catalyst Pain Solutions helped him with his pain issues

For years, I experienced pain in my hip and my knee. Walking more than a few steps became extremely painful. I couldn’t take the stairs, I couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes. I couldn’t even get into a car without using my arms to lift my leg into the vehicle. I couldn’t sleep at night because of the pain in my leg. Sitting, especially in a vehicle caused a tremendous amount of pain, even on short drives. Over the last few years, I tried several different options including two different types of chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, and even shoe inserts. My family doctor recommended losing weight (always a good idea, doesn’t address the real issue here).

One of my co­workers (Johnjay) recommended AZ Pain Centers, now Catalyst Pain Solutions. When I met the doctor, he immediately put me at ease with his loud voice, boisterous presentation, and slightly crooked smile. The doctor had me perform a few tests, after which he said, “yep, something’s going on in there. Let’s find out exactly what it is.” What?!? After all these years, and several “professional” opinions, the Catalyst Pain Solution doctor was the one who finally asked the question – “what’s going on in there?”, and ordered an MRI. It was at that moment that I knew, Catalyst Pain Solutions were the real deal.

At no time in my years of pain did anyone actually investigate, they only shared opinions for a solution, for which they didn’t even know the problem. That was important to me. Maybe I expected the Dr. to say, “let’s shoot you full of this and see what happens”. No. The doctor at Catalyst Pain Solutions needed to know exactly how to address the problem. My MRI showed serious issues with soft tissue loss in my knee and in my hip, which was ‘Level 4’ according to the radiologist (that’s the worst on 1­4 scale). The doctor said, “you’re 43 with the hip of a 73 year old”. Ouch. I got a second set of eyes on my MRI. I now had two options – hip and knee replacement at age 43 or regenerative procedure on both. I chose the latter. I chose Catalyst Pain Solutions.

I made the right choice. After having regenerative procedures on my knee and hip, I’m walking without pain. In the last couple of months since the procedure, I’ve been to a Cardinals game and a Dbacks game, which as you know, close parking doesn’t exist. Walking, standing up without help, getting in and out of the pool, putting my own shoes on…the simple tasks in life are now simple again. Thanks to Catalyst Pain Solutions, I’m doing things I haven’t done in years.

Originally from Missouri, Paul Kelley moved to Phoenix in January 2015. Paul has been on the air on stations similar to KEZ since 1995, hosting afternoon drive in Springfield, Missouri from 1995­-2011; and in Colorado Springs from 2011 until he arrived here in January 2015.

Paul loves the warm weather in Arizona, and has been enjoying his pool time! Paul and wife Amy enjoy the many local flavors of the Valley, trying out new restaurants each week. He is the Senior VP of Programming and Program Director on KEZ. You can catch him on­air weekdays from 3pm to 7pm.

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