charlieHuero-e1455648790976 Charlie Huero

Pain is no fun. Sleeping with pain, working with pain, just sitting with pain…I felt all of this. It had been going on for years. It started from playing too much softball and trying to play “younger” than I was. The problem was that it was getting harder and harder to recover from a round of golf, or standing all day in the studio. My back was in pain. I was in pain! I was gaining weight because I was getting lazy, and it was easier to just tolerate the pain than try to do anything because it hurt so much.

I was approached by some people at work to come and talk to the people at the AZ Pain Center. I had nothing to lose, in fact I had everything to gain. They explained to me that they would pinpoint my pain issues, tell me what is causing them, and then directly treat that pain. I had gone in for my first visit and the staff was incredible! Now, this was just the start. One visit, the doctor said to me…and this started it all…”You could lose some of this belly, and it would do wonders for your back.” I KNEW I had to do that. This was the BEGINNING of The “Charlie Experience”!

I continued my trips to the AZ Pain Centers, and through their expert staff, I was able to get to a place where my pain was GONE! This was the FIRST domino to fall. This led me to being able to walk and run. Things I could not do with all of my back pain. I will tell you straight up, if I did not get help from the AZ Pain Centers, I would still probably be sitting around the house at about 260 pounds, and complaining about my back and why I am out of shape. Don’t let the pain run your life. Take control. Get rid of the pain, and take care of yourself! It’s not easy at all, but once you start…you will be glad you did. I owe a lot of thanks to the staff at AZ Pain Centers for getting me on the right path to a pain free, healthier me. Thanks!


 Charlie Huero

*I want to thank AZ Pain Centers for the relief that was given back to me after over twenty year of pain in my lower back and sciatica into my left leg. I went in to AZ Pain Centers and  within the six to ten minutes the pain was turned off like a light switch. From that day I felt my toes in my foot for the first time in over twenty years. I can’t wait to go in for my next RFA treatment to do the right side. The staff is wonderful there as well. Thank you again AZ PAIN CENTERS.

R. Joseph
 Charlie Huero

*I suffered with headaches 28 days a month and spent at least one day a month in the ER. Thanks to the team at AZ Pain Centers, I am now headache free. I believe in AZ Pain Centers and now am part of the team that gets to help others like me everyday.


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